Messi’s winner, Barcelona 1-0 win over Atletico Madrid to seize

Atletico last week knocked out Real Madrid, La Liga three in the King’s Cup with only two teams. Nearly 25 years ago, Madrid and Barca have only two duo meet in the King’s Cup one-fourth-finals, all won. Barca after a period of chaos earlier this month back on the right track, various events have made 4-game winning streak, which Barcelona has scored 16 goals in 4 games. Atletico Madrid also never lost a game in 2015. 4 minute, restricted area arc, he caught the ball out of defence, long shots be countered by the goalkeeper. The first 8 minutes, Torres up front ball offside. Atletico Madrid at this point constantly looking for Torres in attack, but Barcelona solve. The first 36 minutes, Ivan rakitic penalty area sending perimeter passes to little frontier, Luis Suarez got the ball close to the distance shot, hit a ball high. Both teams missed chances to score, halftime 0-0 draw.


Again in the second half, Atletico substitute for Torres, put on mandzukic, while Barcelona made no adjustments. On 49 minutes, Messi down the row broke through, being put down but the referee did not blow a penalty. The 52 minute, neymar breakthrough Shi Jiaowai Fortunately, no big deal. Competitions subsequently plunged into a stalemate, neither very good opportunities. On 61 minutes, neymar on the left cross struck, after Iniesta keeping up shot was blocked by Defender. Barca then the perimeter shots also failed. The 70 minute, Soares inside the area when Rob was touched down by Mario Soares. Can’t open Barcelona substituted a Harvey Ivan rakitic. On 79 minutes, Suarez, restricted area arc passes were blocked by the opponent with the arm, and theories get a yellow card. Mascherano also received a yellow card. On 83 minutes, Busquets had the ball in the penalty area was knocked over by juanfran, the referee awarded penalty, Gaby theory Be booked, Messi’s penalty shot was saved, Messi pounced on the ball to score, 1-0! Barcelona home win eventually.