NBA 2K21: How to Alley-Oop and Fake Pass?

This article is for everyone wondering how to Alley-Oop and Fake Pass in NBA 2K21, a strategy that the best players dominate and teach you to take advantage of. We hope that you will dominate and get the most out of these two movements in each game.

NBA 2K21 – Alley-Oop


One of the best ways to score in the video game is by doing an Alley-Oop, so we list how to throw an alley-oop in NBA 2K21.

1). What Should I Pay Attention to When Performing Alley-Oop in NBA 2K21?

To perform an alley-oop, you need to consider the following necessary conditions:

First, to execute this movement, you’ll pretty much need to have a clear lane to throw and catch the ball to make it a success.

Second, there are some options as to where you are throwing the ball. You’ll need to use the Left Stick in the player’s direction that you want to receive the pass. Or, you can press the Left Stick towards the hoop to throw an alley-oop to yourself.

Third, the best times to use an alley-oop are in 2 on 1 fast break situations or situations where a player is cutting toward the basket without a defender near him. Once you’ve got one of these situations, you can double-tap Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS4) and use the Left Stick to direct the alley-oop.

2). How to Alley-Oop in NBA 2K21?

We have listed two ways to perform an alley-oop:

• Alley-Oop to Teammates

To throw an alley-oop to teammates in NBA 2K21, you need to double-tap the lob pass button while pushing the left stick in the direction that you want the pass to go. It’ll be Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, or X on Nintendo Switch.

Your teammates will need to be either near the basket or moving towards the basket for this to register. Otherwise, you may end up throwing the ball out of bounds.

You’ll see a small white circle underneath the teammate’s feet that the pass will be going to. If you don’t like where it is, push the left stick in the right direction.

• Alley-Oop to Self

We’ve all been there. There are some moments when you’ll want to be as flashy as possible to send a message, especially when playing online. We’ve all been there. That’s where the self alley-oop comes in handy.

To toss an alley-oop to yourself in NBA 2K21, double-tap the lob button while moving towards the basket. It’s pretty much the same thing as a regular alley-oop, except you’ll want much more room to be able actually to complete it.

NBA 2K21 – Fake Pass

Fake Pass

Knowing when to pass is one of the most fundamental things in the game, but knowing when to fake one. Here’s how to fake pass in NBA 2K21:

1). What is the NBA 2K21 Fake Pass?

This is a popular move that will allow you to fool your opponent into thinking that you will make a pass when you are actually staying with the ball in your hands.

2). How to Make a Fake Pass in NBA 2K21?

To execute this movement, you have to press the balloon pass button and the bounce pass button simultaneously:

• PS4: Press Triangle + Circle while standing or driving to the hoop.
• Xbox One: Press Y + B while standing or driving to the hoop.

Nintendo Switch: Press X + A while standing or driving to the hoop.

The fake pass can be executed at any point in NBA 2K21 if you own the ball. It’s important to note, though, that doing a fake pass will cause players to pick up the ball and stop their dribble.

3). When to Use It?

A fake pass will most likely work best when you’re already in motion, but be aware that your options are limited after acting.

Since it stops your dribble, you’ll need to shoot, or actually pass, after doing a fake pass. Of course, you can also keep faking until it works.

With that said, failure to think things through can lead to being double-teamed or stripped, especially in online matches.

However, the fake pass should work considerably well against the AI opponents in MyCareer mode. Those opponents will get faked out almost every time, depending on the difficulty setting.

Now that you know how to Alley-Oop and Fake Pass in NBA 2K21, you can put this move into practice. Remember that practicing it will allow you to dominate it more and more. Also, to visit other NBA 2K21 guides, tips, and mt buy 2k21, please follow