How To Start A College Flashback Game In NBA 2K23?

As one of the most popular modes in NBA 2K, players can look forward to NBA 2K23 MyCAREER. in this mode players can create their players and build their careers, eventually, they will become a top player. During this time you will be playing through College Flashbacks, which is a crucial step in your journey to becoming a top player. However, many players do not know how to start College Flashbacks in NBA 2K23. in this guide below we will give you a detailed introduction on how to start College Flashbacks in NBA 2K23.

Why do we need to start College Flashbacks?

College Flashbacks are your way to gain leadership skills in NBA 2K23 that can help our teammates get stronger quickly without wasting a lot of MT NBA 2K23. therefore, they are very important stepping stones to making the exact character you want. Also behind every great player is a humble beginning, and NBA 2K23 touches on that with a quest called College Flashbacks. In it, you will learn about the memory lane of your MyPlayer in MyCareer and how they were molded into the person they are now.

How to unlock College Flashbacks in NBA 2K23?

Once Ashley sends you a message asking for an interview, you will be exposed to College Flashbacks. This will lead into the College Flashback itself, where you will remember one of the most important moments of your early career. Before you can access the College Flashback mission, you need to complete some prerequisite tasks before you can unlock it.

The tasks you need to complete to unlock College Flashbacks:

  • Complete the ‘Uncle Bobby’s World’ quest
  • Complete the ‘Courting Calloway’ quest
  • Complete the ‘It’s a Cole World’ quest
  • Complete the ‘Palace Intrigue’ quest

After completing these tasks Ashley will send you details about your first interview, which you will need to attend at One City Plaza. Then you can unlock the “College Flashback” quest line and learn about the different leadership skills in the game.

After completing the tasks, you will have a set of college leadership skills that you can use to advance your MyPlayer in MyCareer.

How to unlock College Flashbacks in NBA 2K23?