Diablo 4: Suitable for upgraded Necromancer builds

Are you ready to conquer Diablo 4 with the Necromancer class? This guide will walk you through a high-damage, bone-based build that will help you level up quickly and efficiently. With a focus on bone-based abilities, high critical hit rates, and efficient Essence generation, this build is designed to make your Necromancer a powerhouse in the game.

The Core of the Build: Bone Spear
The core skill of this build is the Bone Spear. This ability allows you to conjure a bone spear from the ground and send it piercing through enemies. Enhancements to this skill include breaking it into three shards when it’s destroyed and making the first enemy hit by the bone spear vulnerable for three seconds. This vulnerability spreads to other enemies hit by the spear, making it a powerful tool for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

Essence Generation and Corpse Explosion
Essence generation is a key part of this build. The Grim Harvest passive effect means that you generate nine Essence whenever you consume a corpse. This is complemented by the Fuel by Death effect, which increases your damage by nine percent for six seconds whenever you consume a corpse.

When building a skill tree, you can match skills according to your own play style and conduct diversified exploration at low levels, which can save Diablo 4 Gold.

Corpse Explosion is another important skill in this build. While it’s not the main focus, it provides useful utility. The Blighted enhancement leaves a circle of shadow damage on the ground for six seconds after each explosion, providing additional area-of-effect damage.

Enhancing Your Minions
Your minions also play a crucial role in this build. The Skeletal Warrior Mastery and Cold Mage enhancements increase the damage and life of your warriors and mages, respectively. The Death’s Defense passive effect also prevents your minions from losing more than 75% of their max health from a single damage instance, protecting them from being one-shot.

You should prioritize increasing the defense of servants to improve the chance of survival, This principle should also be followed when choosing affixes.

Bone Storm and Ossified Essence
The Bone Storm Ultimate is a must-have for this build. This ability causes bones to spawn around you and your Golem, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. It also increases your critical strike chance by 20% while active.

The Ossified Essence passive effect is another key part of this build. It increases the damage to your bone skills by one percent for each point of essence that you have above 50 when casting. This means that the more Essence you generate, the more damage you’ll deal.

Using powerful Diablo 4 Items can greatly increase the damage of these two skills.

Splintering and Torment
The Splintering and Torment aspects are also important for this build. The Splintering aspect makes the Bone Spear’s primary attack make enemies hit beyond the first hit vulnerable for up to 2.5 seconds. The Torment aspect increases your Essence regeneration by 20 to 30 for four seconds every time you critically strike with bone skills.

This Necromancer build is designed to maximize damage output and Essence generation, making it a powerful choice for leveling up quickly in Diablo 4. With a focus on bone-based abilities, high critical hit rates, and efficient Essence generation, this build will make your Necromancer a force to be reckoned with.

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