Get to the place you died before your gravestone rots away

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Death is very common in the game of Runescape. If you die, you will respawn in Lumbridge most likely. If you do die, you will be able to keep 3 of your most valuable items. There are some exceptions of course. Runescape Gravestones allow you a chance to get those lost items back. You will have 2 to 5 minutes to get to the place you died before your gravestone rots away. Players can also repair and bless your gravestone so that it can stay there longer. This gives you an even greater chance of getting those lost items back to their rightful owner.

With the introduction of clan support and the forthcoming Capes of Distinction, more and more players are pushing their training and levels to get to that magical level 99. We think that it is high time that we helped you get there. Shortly, you will be seeing the introduction of additional support for anyone who has set themselves a target of getting to level 99 in any skill. First off, you will notice the introduction of a mentor program, where those with level 99 in a skill will give advice and support to those that have set their target as level 99 in that skill. There will be an individual chat channel for each skill where you can ask questions of the mentors, as well as look for support from those that are also heading for level 99.

 On top of that, we will be releasing a forum specifically aimed at those trying to get a level 99, where the mentors will be able to offer advice, post guides or just tell you to stop slacking and get that farm run done before you have to log off. Of course, we don’t want to forget the support that being in a good skilling clan can offer, so we’ll be arranging some events to help clans show you what they can offer (and help them get the cream of the crop). Finally, we know that some of you are old hands at getting a level 99, so we want to help celebrate that by having a Hall of Fame for the best skillers in game. If you are pro enough to get to level 99 in ten skills, you will make it into the Hall of Fame and be immortalised in RuneScape history. Keep your eyes open for more on this in the coming weeks. 

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