Sanchez Penalty Throw Penalty Have A Clue, Or Who Have Been Betrayed His Teammates Chile

By sky shine
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Arsenal 2-1 win over Queens Park, the Chilean striker Sanchez missed a penalty, but fortunately he played with a wonderful save may therefore bring bad results, but his penalty was why firmly saved, might be behind another mystery. In this game to the first nine minutes when Sanchez penalty kick flew the bottom right corner, Queen’s Park goalkeeper Green saved the ball fell to the ground and accurately. However, this is likely to be the goalkeeper got to help his teammates. According to broadcast the picture can be seen in front of Sanchez throws his right hand fighting tips Green Chile team-mate Vargas.
Because Vargas Sanchez to play with the national team and he is likely to know the latter penalty kick the habit, which is higher than the national interests of the club is another example of it?

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