TERA profession introduces: the element make Elementalist

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Elements belong to the composite class teacher career, through to the operation of each element, summon elf or magic elements on the monster to attack. And group restore and release gain attributes of the state of skills.
Career orientation:Elements in the official position that has a few attack ability is the auxiliary career, can use and the priest is similar to the resurrection of the cure, ability, but part of the cure skill to use up is completely different, and more special is the element that can directly produce recovery “eggs” HP and restore MP “blue eggs”, the need to go to pick players take will restore blood enriching the way will not produce hate, is that one of the biggest characteristic of elements.

Another element that can also eliminate the opponent’s gain state, also has a moment with the increasing speed of mobile skills, let elements in the ability to survive on more than a priest.

Advantage:Elements that in addition to fill the blood magic, also have many contain skills, and movement speed is the professional’s crown, can say as long as elements that are willing to run, in addition to the slaughter of almost all other than professional couldn’t catch up.

Disadvantages:Has dragged and restore ability, the price is low damage, although in practice is okay, but if the team pursuit of limit output, it is some suffer. 

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