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And the 8 kinds of professional upgrade speed arrangement for: a berserker, sword fighter, killing the, element division, the sorcerer, archers, gun knight, the priests.

Along with the level of ascension that all career potential ability and skills will gradually developed. Even if is the ability of professional in dealing with the partial best high grade monster will no longer easy, suggested players in the game using the way LianJi group.

Berserker is the embodiment of power, can cause the target to a lot of physical damage, with a higher defense effect and don’t need to be cooling time skills. In 8 in a career, for its only a berserker absence of skills and can also deal with monomer or group of monster is famous for its ability. Yet its weakness is attack rate is slow.

Good at double the types of weapons.

Archers in the TERA “specifically is a remote magic against occupation, is not like other online because its skill in takes mana and set the remote physical attacks and magic attacks skills at a suit. However archers can’t be in mobile and leap release skills, players need to be in contact with the professional for a period of time within the upanishads rear can understand. The movement speed and attack for this profession has important significance.

Good at long bow.
Sword fighter

The hands hold sword and with neat fast fencing gallop on the battlefield of “sword fighter” is used with the judgment and speed of strong attack career. Through the use of reasonable skills, players will experience the connectivity of the slaughter feeling. Can serve as a meat shield MT and physical output unit.

Good at double the sword.
The slaughter

The slaughter with both hands big sword, mainly professional melee attack power. With professional unique group AOE skills and 3 seconds cooling dodging skill. But his monomer PK ability to weak in some professional, attack rate than berserker faster.

Good at both hands big sword. 

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