Tips for Leveling Alts

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Once you have a character that is maxed out (or sometimes even before), you might want to level up some alts to play. This gives more variety in play-style from day to day, but the time commitment to leveling up multiple characters, especially with the same quests and progression paths, can be daunting. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to help reduce not only the repetition a bit, but also speed up the process significantly. Let’s take a look at gearing first, and then the actual leveling process.
Gearing Up
It is understandable that better gear enhances survivability, but it also speeds up kills. The higher your stats are, the better you are going to be on the field overall. This ends up translating directly into faster progression (and therefore less repetition), easing the grind to level 60 considerably. When dealing with this, there are two things to look at: obtaining gear and enchanting.
Obtaining gear. While the gear you get while just out and about questing will hold you over, if you really want to boost your effectiveness it is important to either pre-farm or at least get good gear as soon as you are able to. Both of these are really done using the same method: have a high-level character run dungeons for you. If you have a friend that can assist, this is much more effective, as you can obtain a lot of bound items. If not, you can run the dungeons on your main and just trade over the non-bound items. High-level characters in lower-level dungeons do not kill the drop rates, so there is nothing to worry about in regards to not getting drops. 

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