Tera Without Tera Gold

EN MASSE, carriers of Europe and North America for TERA, recently announced, “TERA” was renamed “TERA: rise” and is about to start free operators in North America (February 5), that is to say tera players can enjoy the game without buying tera gold, but one of the props mall will be delayed a few days online.

There will be three different account mode for players to choose after free of the game in transition, it is the foundation account, the founder of the account and Elite account, if you have never played the game with cheap tera gold before, then open a free enter for the game and it is the basis of accounts. Although Tera players no longer need to pay a monthly fee to buy tera gold, but a server can only create two characters, the warehouse field will be limited.

Game transition free is not simply change the payment method, and also does a lot of changes in terms of content. For example, for each occupational adjustment, game artisans system processes also have been radically improved dramatically reduces the number of required material. There are also a lot of new content is added to the blocking of the game, for example 3V3 new battlefield, new copy.

The earlier walk free in the era of “TERA”, announced free operation popularity quickly improved, newly registered than ever before, the number of Tera players increase 20-fold, while the number of players online at the same time also increased six-fold, As for the European and American servers “TERA: rise” , we will wait and see its great performance.