Tera dungeon bosses abilities

It is particularly effective dungeon bosses that all have special abilities or bands that have the ability to fly away. It’ll take forever to go over all the proper times to use Leash. Half of the fun of being a lancer is learning when to use Leash on bosses and when to not. An example would be to use it on a drake that starts flying into the air preparing to do a flame barrage. Hitting them with the Leash will bring them back down to the ground instantly. You’ll find that quite a few dungeon bosses have abilities where they can run to the center of the room and start doing dangerous stuff like self healing or summoning masses of mobs. You can interrupt them from using this ability by hitting them with chain. Timing your chain uses can make the difference between a kill and a wipe, so make sure you use it wisely. Next up is an ability called Debilitate, but it’s easier to just call this ability sunder armor. It’s stacks up to three times in a mob and increases the damage the enemy takes by lowering it’s endurance.


The next ability you’ll get is called Onslaught, and it’s just like it sounds. It’s like Charge, but you don’t get a movement boost. You simply run forward attacking anything in front of you. Missing this attack makes you run off like Moran, so make sure you use it on something you sure will stay still or is large enough that you won’t accidentally slip around it because it’s a high damage ability, but the bulk of the damage comes at the end of the cast, thus using on an opponent that is smart enough to moves makes it useless. PVP it is good only to use this ability after you have landed the stun. In PVE it’s the same thing or use it on a BAM while it is knocked out. Note that in towns there’s no collision, so if you duel inside a city, this ability will completely useless. It relies on collision to do it’s damage completely.

Try to keep this stacked up for the entire fight no matter what you’re fighting. As the damage increases quite significant means that the mob that much quicker. The debuff only lasts 12 seconds un-glyph so every lancer I’ve seen, including myself, glyph it to last up to 30 seconds. That way you aren’t forced to re-stack it as often.