Tera Guardian Legion Gold Farming Guide

I’ve found to be the most effective ways to farm gold. I used these methods (Guardian Legion) to farm for my full +9 Stormcry. First, it requires level 65, so bonus level 65 characters generates additional Tera gold. And higher ilvl makes generating gold faster.

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Ghillieglade (Guardian+)

  • Purchase this scroll at a Vanguard Merchant for some insignificant amount of credits. You’ll need two scrolls per character per day. If you have Elite Status a reusable version of the scroll can be found on the Elite Status bar for free for all of your characters.
  • I’d recommend using Option #2 listed where you skip the Giant & Gatekeeper. The dungeon should take you a maximum of 2 minutes on even the least geared characters.
  • REWARDS: Gems (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond) in varying amounts. You are guaranteed a minimum of 1 Ruby (100g) and a maximum of 3 Diamonds (30,000g) with varying amounts of gem drops in between. Other drops are non-tradable and, while useful for gearing, won’t get you gold.

Island of Dawn (Guardian+, Recommended Frostmetal+, Recommended for Alts)

  • Grind the lowest tier Island of Dawn quest for as long as you can muster it to make a mediocre amount of Golden Talents.
  • You want to do the low-tier quest Hunt Brutal Basilisks. If you prefer you can do Hunt Brutal Orisks or Hunt Brutal Ovoliths. It doesn’t matter, they all give the same rewards. The gold comes from Brilliant Enchanting Box. The worse your gear is, the longer this takes.

412 Vanguards (Guardian+, Recommended Twistshard+, Recommended for Alts)

  • If you have some geared alts to carry Kalivan’s Challenge and Ravenous Gorge, time to IMS.
  • In theory, you can complete each of these dungeons 4 times per day (Elite) and then use instance reset scrolls to complete an additional 4. Luckily, you can only complete 16 Vanguards per day, so if you really feel this dedicated, I’d opt for 8 Ravenous Gorges and 8 Kalivan’s Challenges. Net total: 9600g per character. You’ll also pick up a handful of Golden Talents and Silver Talents that can be sold.

Guardian Legion (Guardian+, Recommended Frostmetal+, Recommended for Alts) 

  • If you complete 40 of these missions on 1 character, you will finish with 40 Guardian Legion Jewel Boxes and 600g from the Vanguard. At the minimum, you will have 80 Rubies which is 8000g for a grand total of the 8600g minimum. This can be completed on multiple characters per day (WARNING: doing this content on multiple characters will make you want to quit the game faster than any other content).

439+ Vanguards (Frostmetal+, Recommended Stormcry)

  • This is just what you get for playing the game on your main character. If you’re actually trying to make efficient gold this isn’t the correct choice. Buy cheap Tera Gold with cheap price and fast delivery speed from U4GM.com, We can deliver your purchased Tera Gold in short time and offer many Tera gold guide.
  • You get 720g from the Vanguard. There is a chance that the dungeon will drop gems like Emeralds and Diamonds, but you’ll have to roll for them if they do drop, and they aren’t guaranteed.

Harrowhold (Frostmetal+, Recommended Stormcry+, Recommended for Alts, Not Recommended for New Players)

  • If you don’t know how to do Harrowhold, if you can’t find a raid, or are otherwise incapable of doing this then don’t do it. Otherwise, just clear every week and sell the Superior Etching Boxes. If you clear P1-4, you will get a minimum of 3 Superior Etching Boxes. The amount of gold you get from this depends on your server. You’ll have to check broker.

NOTE1: This is the 20-man raid, so if you are a new player and do not have a raid, skip this. If you are incapable of clearing this content, skip this. If you don’t have a raid for other reasons, skip this.
NOTE2: You can clear this a maximum of once per week, so if you can clear on alts it’s highly recommended.
NOTE3: The longer it takes you to clear Harrowhold, the less efficient it is. Ideally you should clear 1-4 in less than an hour, otherwise, you might as well just do something else.