TERA Berserker And Damage Abilities

TERA Berserker use three main damage-dealing abilities to maximize their effectiveness in combat. The first is Cyclone, the first ability that Berserkers will get, and it is one of their strongest. Against multiple enemies, Cyclone is easily the second hardest hitting AOL ability in TERA. It is important to note that Cyclone has a travel distance, and you will move in the direction you were aiming after using it.


The second ability is Flatten. Flatten is the very second ability TERA Berserkers will get, and it starts off as one of our most powerful, but diminishes in strength later on. It has a high windup time, but it does high, close-range, AOE damage to all those who are hit by it. It has a powerful knock-back effect tied to it, which is useful for setting up long charge up attacks. Keep in mind, the Flatten is your third hardest hitting ability, and even though its damage is high, it’s cool down and longer windup is useful only for filling gaps in the Boss’s attack when you don’t have time to charge up.

The final ability is Thunder Strike. Thunder Strike is the third ability that Berserkers will get, and it is by far the strongest ability that Berserkers have. In certain situations against BAMS, Or against Boss’s, Berserkers will be using Thunder Strike primarily. This attack has a short distance, and the attack itself has a small area of effect to it. Keep in mind that against players or small enemies, if they get too close to you, this attack may miss, as it requires you to hit the enemy with the head of your axe.