Tera Berserker and Abilities leveling

TERA Berserkers primarily focus on making themselves stronger and your enemies weaker, enabling them to drop truly gargantuan attacks upon their heads. It is for this reason Berserkers are very powerful DPS class, but this comes at a price, as to do the most damage, they must maximize Buffs, Crystals, and Glyphs and require proper positioning to make the best use of these powerful hits. When you think of Berserkers, you think of a front-line fighter that is designed to get in the fray and attack brutally, and this is exactly what the Berserker does. TERA Berserker class does not dodge or otherwise avoid attacks. Instead, the Berserker wears heavy armor and blocks with their axe. This allows them to stay in the fray at all times.


When another class might be forced to evacuate in preparation for a particularly large attack, TERA Berserkers can stay and take it. Similar to TERA Lancer, Berserkers use blocks; however, blocking for Berserker is decidedly different. For one, Berserkers offer no defensive bonus to players behind them, and blocking costs a small chunk of mana to drop down. But unlike Lancer block, Berserker block will not consume mana beyond the initial cost, along with absorbing less damage overall. It is also important to note that, when a Berserker blocks, he is able to cancel his normal combo attacks as well as charge attacks, as long as he is charging when he blocks and his skill has not yet fired off.

When in the right hands, Berserkers are easily one of the strongest damage classes in the entire game, along with TERA Sorcerer Guide. The hardest-hitting attacks require charging, and in chaotic battle,the enemy might not be there when you are ready to let loose. In addition to this, Berserkers suffer most from the lack of mobility during combat and the inability to cancel their attacks once they’ve gone off. Thus, TERA Berserkers depend more on timing, positioning and aiming than any other classes to deal the highest damage. However, the payoff for this is the massive burst, single, and AOE damage that they can dish out in frighteningly quick order, making TERA Berserker become one of the best classes to have on your side.