Some things have to look out for.

Keeping the Quota – Quest item is scarce, and harder to find when user base is high. For a place called Lumbertown, you’d think there’d be more wood lying around.

Circle the Wagons – Cinematic will not render environmental detail if player has Distant Environmental detail below the max setting of six.

Guild slash commands (/gkick, /guildkick, /gmaster, /guildmaster) are case sensitive to the player’s name. Your guild leader remains as insensitive to your needs as ever.

If a server crashes while player is in queue, player will enter Character Select.

Cancelling a teleport still consumes the scroll. Magic is complicated business.

Group members do not stay in same channel when zoning.

Mystic thrall re-engages monster after player dies. We hope to tone down this undying loyalty.

Using a controller changes the default skill direction to character direction.

Players need a “back button” to toggle the game controller’s on-screen display UI off.

Players may experience a black screen when going from game to server select; a client restart will fix this.

Dynamic Veridian – This mount quest will appear twice now if you are level 11 and log into 16.03.05. You still can’t ride two horses at once unless you’re a circus performer.

Queues are displaying ordinals incorrectly. (“You are 1th} in line.”) We apologize for the 2thache.