something you have to learn

Vekas the Wicked Tree on the Island of Dawn will now spawn three in the area to aid the completion of the quest. We’ve also shortened the respawn timers:

Vekas: 20 sec down to 10 sec

Acharak: 20 sec down to 10 sec

Kugai: 20 sec down to 10 sec

Level 11 mount quest no longer requires users to collect carrots. The new quest allows users to complete the quest within Velika. How ‘bout them apples?

Piglings no longer drop large sums of gold. Sadly, they don’t drop bacon either.

Crashes when switching between game servers or exiting a server queue have been corrected. Similarly, players will not get stuck in the waiting queue when a server is restarted.

Servers will always be displayed in the “Select Server” screen. Previously, some players experienced blank lists.

Players will not stay in the queue when a server crashes or is restarted. The queue will be restarted as well.