Walk Through Our Walkthroughs


The Dungeon Guide is going to be an in-depth walkthrough of each instance. We won’t spoil the fun of figuring out the dungeons right away, so we’ll time the release of each one carefully. If you need help getting through a dungeon—or getting through a dungeon more efficiently—well, now you know where to look.

In time, we’ll expand both of these guides with more tips, more systems, and more dungeons.

Whether you facepalmed at level 22 because you didn’t know that vendor-trashing all those weapons wasn’t the best idea, or you got stuck clearing out the , these guides have the info you need. If they don’t? Give us a shout on the with the type of information you are looking for.

Hail! After emerging from your 60-hour TERA bender, you may have noticed that we added two new sections to the website: . We wanted to give these new sections some love in our news because they are important features that will help you get into the action quickly—or get you out of a tight spot.

The goal of the Veteran’s Guide is to be the TL;DR version of things you don’t want to miss in TERA. Struggling through walls of text to find out about a new MMO can be frustrating. Instead, we rely on forum posts by experienced beta testers to get the quick and dirty on need-to-know features. That is what we’ve created with the Veteran’s Guide. In fact, the guy who wrote most of the Veteran’s Guide has logged more TERA hours than anyone else in the office—ten times over.