Traps are the most effective against mobs

Caltrops – Lay trap that will activate when enemies step on it and slows down movement speed of all within 12 yards. You will find this very useful especially at lower levels or when you don’t have good armors or you are having difficulties with kiting. Solo Demon Hunter leveling: Try to play solo as much as you can. If it starts getting difficult then you should switch to coop mode as you can use help to boost your speed. In order to solo you will need really good handle over your skills and you should know how to kite. For speeding up your solo speed or experience, I’d recommend that you explore each and every area of the map. Approach unfamiliar areas and monsters with caution as you may not be aware of what skills they have or how powerful they are.

It’s okay for Barbarians since they can tank, but definitely not for Demon Hunters. Follow the steps mentioned above and take at least two escape skills as it is a lot more challenging leveling a Demon Hunter compared to a Barbarian in solo mode. If you take damage use potions, Kite in directions that are safe. Also make sure that you have good defensive gears. Single target: For tough monsters, bosses and rare mobs. For example Bash, Hammer of the Ancient. Area skills: For dealing with average to large size mobs. Barbarians get plenty of these. Seismic Slam, Overpower.Close Gap/Evasion – To get closer to enemies trying to kite or evade such as Leap, Sprint.

Rage: Power up skills to increase damage, attack speed and critical. Crowd control: To deal with mobs. Ground Stomp and Threatening Shout. Healing: To heal. Good options are Frenzy, Revenge. Defense – Ignore Pain and War Cry. Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Guide: The next section discusses how you can maximize your Diablo 3 power leveling speed as Barbarian. Visit our Diablo 3 Barbarian leveling guide for tips and tricks related to power leveling Barbarians. If you do not have time to do power leveling yourself, you can buy Diablo 3 powerleveling service from our website; we promise our service is fast and cheap.