How to start fighting the Queen Black Dragon

Royal dragonhides have been added to the drop tables of the mid and high-level grotworms, as well as the Queen Black Dragon. These new hides can be made into tradable ranged armor if you have a Crafting level of 87 or more, and can be worn if you have level 80 Ranged. How to start fighting the Queen Black Dragon: Enter the grotworm caverns north-east of Rimmington. A shortcut to the QBD lair is inside theGrotwormCaves, near its entrance Requirements: Level 60 Summoning. It is recommended that you have a combat level of at least 120 to fight the Queen. You do not need to complete Song from the Depths, but doing so gives you a damage reduction against the Queen Black Dragon Mod TLQ. 

Proud of our British heritage, and June 2nd is the beginning of a landmark weekend for anyone who’s British (or even a fan of our monarchy). To mark the occasion, brought a little of the celebration to RuneScape, and free players and members alike can take part over the next two weeks.. Travel to Varrock to take your place at the party. Gather with friends; talk to diplomats; and cream teas from Bang Ersenmash’s stall; purchase Jubilee-themed souvenirs from the entrepreneurial Will Shakenspear; and gain the permanent service of a Queen’s Guard for your POH.

You can also get into the spirit of things with two tasks. The first is only and can be started by talking to Minnie Coop in the Varrock Marketplace. She has a job that will result in you keeping a pet corgi. Free players will be able to take Minnie’s corgis out for a short walk over the two week period. Just remember: a corgi is for life, not just for Jubilees. The second task is the much-anticipated return of the Cryptic Clue Fest! Open to free players and members, this year’s edition of the Cryptic Clue Fest is just as fiendish as previous years. Talk to Essjay, in the Varrock Marketplace, and you’ll be enrolled in an important effort: to make sure there are enough supplies for the two weeks of celebration.