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RS 2007 Gold

Players are given a quick demo of one chosen combat style before being dropped into Burthorpe, which has been redesigned as a training area for new characters. NPCs here will explain how each of the game’s skills works and set you tasks to get you started. Existing players logging in for the first time since the update will see a cutscene introducing the story behind the Sixth age of Runescape Gold.

The skill grind now feels a lot more forgiving than it was in rs gold 2, and winning the occasional XP lamp in your daily Squeal of Fortune spins certainly helps. You can also now set a quest as your currently active task to keep track of it and set a destination on the map to get a handy direction arrow on the minimap.

A warzone has opened in Lumbridge where tears can be harvested; they can also be found randomly when you’re training skills anywhere in the world. Earning favour or runescape 2007 gold gets you tickets to spend in a weekly global vote to decide what minions should be added to the battlefield next. Players essentially decide how the event unfolds through their collective actions, though the sheer number of active players means you can’t make much of a difference.