FFXIV international clothing on abnormal solution

Find a lot of friends at the time of landing FFXIV appeared all kinds of errors, to sum up the solution

1. The first check whether the system is XP, if is suggested with Windows 7 or doing to FFXIV is not support for XP

2. Suggest to restart the computer, generally there is a problem to solve

3. Restart the computer cannot solve, you use “run as administrator”

4. If the above can solve the problem, it may be network problems, you can try to restart the router, if not recommended to use VPN login

5. If the lander does not appear on the NEXT option apart from the reason of the network, also suggested that the browser clean junk files and cookies, and then re-open the Liu Qi.According to uncertain information, this may also be IE browser version is too low to cause, if cannot solve the suggestion to upgrade to higher I3 browser version.

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