WOW Brewfest Ram Racing

Ram Racing is a key part of Brewfest. You’ll need to master it to get the most tokens out of each day and it’s pretty hard to get the hang of at first.

Now This is Ram Racing… Almost, There and Back Again, and other ram racing fun!

Now This is Ram Racing is the first quest you get for ram racing and it’s pretty easy. You just need to keep your ram at a certain speed for 8 seconds. You’ll get some reigns, be sure to bind them to an easy key to press. Now let’s see how rams work.

Rams have 4 speeds. Walking, Trot, Canter, Gallop, and the dreaded Exhausted. Rams can gain or lose fatigue based on how fast and hard you’re working them. Wow Gold Walking and Trot heals your fatigue (-4/-2 points per second respectively) while Canter and Gallop add fatigue (+1/+5 points per second respectively). Exhausted happens if you hit 100 fatigue points and lasts 15 seconds. It puts you at 14% of your base run speed. Ouch!

Apples will heal all of your fatigue, but they’re only on the beer run route. Otherwise you’ll have to master control of your ram. The Rental Ram only lasts 4 minutes so use the first quest to get the hang of things. Using the reigns will make the ram go faster. The faster/harder you click it the faster you’ll go. For beer runs (where there are apples) you’ll want to maintain a gallop while barking runs you’ll want to master the art of staying at canter.

Once that quest is done you’ll be given “There and Back Again” which involves making a run to broken down beer wagon and back. There are plenty of apples on your path and in the 4 minutes you have you should be able to easily get three of them back to complete the quest. However, use this time to focus on the path. Ram into the apples (or pass over them, depending on your lag, I almost aim for em then strafe aside) as you move and get the hang of the course. This is VERY important. You don’t want to hit every apple barrel, that’ll slow you down, but you don’t want to hit fatigued either.

Once that quest is done, each day you can help the quest giver out by doing beer runs. Each successful run gives you 2 tokens and another 30 seconds on your ram. This means that you can extend it to about 8-9 minutes and 20 tokens if you’re good at doing it. The first few times you might not get as many, but remember, if you’re going for achievements you’ll want to focus on getting as many as possible. I just got 32 from a run, so that’d be 448 over the events course of time.

There is also a 15 minute limit on the amount of runs you can do, but you’ll probably lose the buff way before then.