WOW Night Elf vocations and mounts

Atop the massive boughs of the second World Tree, Teldrassil, lies the wondrous city of Darnassus. The elegant bridges, beautiful groves, and leaf-covered pathways that dot the city’s landscape are testaments to the night elves’ reverence for nature. One of Darnassus’s most notable structures is the stunning Temple of the Moon, the center of worship for High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind and her Sisters of Elune.

Darnassus is home to night elves of all vocations, and the city has recently opened its doors to human refugees from Gilneas as well. Wow Power leveling Many of these embattled humans have contracted a strange curse that transforms them into feral wolf-beasts known as worgen. Although they’re usually reclusive, the night elves have allowed these outsiders into Darnassus because they know the perils of the Gilneans’ cursed state all too well: it was, in fact, a group of night elf druids that created Azeroth’s first worgen millennia ago. Despite the arrival of these new residents, Darnassus remains a symbol of the night elves’ rich culture and glorious history.

Nightsabers are considered to be among Kalimdor’s most vicious creatures. In ancient times, none of the continent’s denizens was safe from these agile beasts’ swift and ruthless attacks. The night elves saw great potential in the ferocious nightsabers, domesticating the species’ finest pedigrees to act as battle . In particular, the highly trained Sentinels used them to great effect while patrolling the borders of night elven lands. To this day, nightsabers remain an invaluable part of the night elves’ culture as companions, hunters, and mounts.