World of Warcraft mano fighting scenes

Now I know that this video certainly isn’t quite a genuine example of co-op, but it’s one of the best mano-e-mano fighting scenes from the whole bloody expansion, probably second only to Arthas vs Illidian (or Archimonde vs The World Tree). Plus it also sets the stage for the mighty fine finale of the this game version, which I already said in 3 previous posts how awesome is going to be (and it appears that I wasn’t all that wrong), but hell, I’ll say it again. And then off course you have that scene with the Horde Resistance Armada and the Alliance Fleet sailing side by side getting ready to lay siege to Garrosh’s Stronghold.

And finally the end to it all and the time when Garrosh stands face to face with Chen once again, but from a very different position this time (he could nicely use the renowned expression “I told you so … but you headstrong idiot would not listen, for the sake of the story off course”). Wow Power leveling Yeah and our favorite pandaren here present yet again manages to defuse a pretty big potential mess by taking the defeated warchief away himself. However the conflict is quickly reignited, so to speak, by Jaina’s subtle “Dismantle the Horde” whisper to the King. Luckily he proves to be wiser and the whole gig ends up in a temporary ceasefire, which I’ll be damned if it won’t be broken by the Alliance this time (I’m looking at you Jaina, make me proud!). Talking of which, Blizz might just make a nice move on the foxy lady and turn her into the next major antagonist alongside the dear old Wrathion (who isn’t that old after all) in the next expansion.

Anyways, I’m just saying, maybe they won’t do this, who knows … A time will come when we’ll discuss the possible next expansions and probable patches, but I can tell you that time isn’t now … For now, we have a victory to celebrate and yet another college year to deal with. Till next time then!