WOW Deathwing

So then it has finally come to this, the epic conclusion of a pretty decent story that picked up after the defeat of Deathwing and slowly shifted from the fantasy nature of the game to the darker and more human side. In other words, the chaps of Blizz really managed to give a new meaning to the War in Warcraft by making a fine example of the Hellscream family.

Now I really don’t want to chat a lot cause there are plenty of new features to explore and enjoy in-game for now, also soon after that as usual we’ll have our regular dailies to keep us busy up until the next expansion pokes out of the dust and there’s a cursed eternal supply of those. Wow Power leveling So just remain with the idea that this is kinda the conclusion for Mists of Pandaria and if someone decides to make yet another patch with some crappy new content to fill up, know that’s irrelevant for the game.

And if you (or anyone else for that matter) need any kind of in-game assistance to help you cope best with the changes that are being to done or just simply to aid you in becoming better or getting first in something allow me to quickly put up a list of the most trusted premium guides and addons that you can find out there for World of Warcraft:

Now these should do it if you ask me! So let me end by telling you that some combinations of the guides listed above might just transform almost any noobie into a seriously hardcore wanabe player, but that’s not to be insisted on too much since everyone will most likely be busy getting the latest updates (on patch 5.4) to have a decent walkthrough for one of the most complex games ever made: World of Warcraft. Now off to raiding you little wankers, Garrosh awaits and he has quite a serious anger management issue, so I suggest you don’t keep the fella waiting for too long! (I mean look at the expression on that face … Damn!!!)