WOW Purified Bindings of Immerseus

“Bindings” is the amplification trinket. The better the rest of your gear gets, the better this trinket gets. The only snag when it comes to this trinket is how it affects the haste thresholds for DoTs as your gear changes. Zagam did some wonderful math posting regarding the haste thresholds with this trinket, which you can read for more information should you need it.

Drops off: Immerseus, first boss of first wing
Passive stat: amplifies critical strike damage, haste, and mastery by 6-9%
Proc: attacks grant intellect; 15% proc chance with 115 sec ICD
Proc buff name: Expanded Mind

The tooltip appears to move a full percent up when fully upgraded in item level, but the tooltip appears to round up misleadingly. A full 2/2 upgrade goes about 0.4-0.6% in reality.

General advice seems to be that the trinket is awesome in heroic gear, but decent if not amazing in normal gear. All three specs will want it, however, especially demonology and destruction.

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