WOW quickly level up

There are a few things you can do to accelerate leveling: Dungeons Use the Looking for Group tool to queue for dungeons. There are often quests within dungeons with good experience rewards (the first time at least). Dungeons also have high level mobs which will have a good rate of experience on them. Loot from dungeons will also make your character more powerful, making questing easier/faster. Quest wisely Move out of areas once you out level them – don’t feel compelled to stay and finish the story lines if your priority is leveling.

PVP Some people get a good rate of experience/hour by winning in battlegrounds. Have a max-level character Your colleagues will have advantages over you if they have access to Heirlooms. As well has having excellent stats some heirlooms have bonus experience for both killing mobs and turning in quests.

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Rest bonus Make sure you are in an Inn or a capital city when you log out to accrue rest bonus. Gathering professions Nowadays you gain experience when you gather herbs and mine ore. You can then sell the herbs/ore on the Auction House and buy better items to level faster. Guild Perks Probably the easiest action for a new player is to join a guild and take advantage of the leveling perks, especially Fast Track (lvl 6 guild). Other useful perks for leveling are Mount Up (lvl 3), hasty hearth (lvl 8) and working overtime (lvl 14).