The richest professional in Elder scrolls

Elder Scrolls gold
Elder Scrolls gold

There are five crafting professions in The Elder Scrolls Online. Which will most likely be the best as far as money making is concerned? This is all just speculation at this point, of course, but by examining the professions and what each are capable of making, we can begin to guess. Here are the five professions and a brief description of each:

Weaponsmith: This profession will craft weapons of all types.
Armorsmith: This profession will craft armors of all types.
Enchantments: This profession will craft staffs, jewelry and glyphs. Glyphs will be the enchantments of the game that can be placed upon items.
Alchemist: This profession will craft potions.
Provisioner: This profession will craft food and drink items of all types.

Among the three equipment crafters, Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths may receive the most cash for their crafted goods, especially if either tradeskill is difficult to level up. Again, it all boils down to rarity. If players want a specific weapon or piece of armor and are having difficulty finding a seller, they will be willing to pay more money from farming eso gold for the item.

Weapons and armor both generally make an extremely large difference in the amount of survivability and/or healing/DPS that a character puts out, so it’s only natural that these items will hold the most value, especially early on in the game’s launch. While leveling, crafted armor and weapons will also hold great value due to the fact that upgrades are often difficult to come by and make a large impact on the leveling process overall.

That said, Weaponsmiths may slightly edge out Armorsmiths due to how large an impact weapons often make. Most melee classes, for example, often receive a huge chunk of additional DPS after upgrading a weapon guide. The same can generally be said for healers and tanks as well. Every crafting profession will be decent for making Elder scrolls gold, but Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths will most likely be able to make the most money, especially early on in the gearing process.