Video Tutorial: Body Feint In FIFA 15

Dirty Mike swears by the it! If you’ve ever watched him stream you’ll see him breezing past players all the time. The simplest skill moves in FIFA 15 are sometimes the best and the body feint/ball roll certainly falls into that category.

Only 2 stars are needed for the ball roll so pretty much any player in the game can do it but you’ll need slightly more skilful players for the body feint at 3 stars.

  Enjoy the wonderful video below

The trick is to make your opponent over commit then body feint into the space he’s just some from and watch him fly past. As with most skill moves misdirection’s the key. Attack the space behind players as they overshoot the tackles.
Video Tutorial:  Body Feint In FIFA 15
To do the ball roll hold the thumbstick left or right.

To perform the body feint flick the right thumbstick left or right and push the left thumbstick in the direction you want to exit the move (that can be diagonal or perpendicular to the direction you start).

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