Barca President: Macy’s won’t go this year, then will not


FC Barcelona President Jaume Bartomeu, has reiterated, this team will never sell striker Lionel Messi.

Rumors about Messi is likely to leave the NOU camp in the future always appear, but Barcelona Club President Jaume Bartomeu firm says Argentina will not move.

“Messi will not go this season, next season will not, then is the same. “Jaume Bartomeu stressed to reporters.

“He is in a contract, and he was very happy. We are also very happy to have Messi, so we do not have any intention of selling him. ”

Bartomeu also talked about the future of coach Enrique, which had been subjected to some criticism this season.

“Enrique’s contract expire until 2016. His work is not easy, he is trying to put together new and old players, I really admire him. ”