How to Defending Tips in FIFA 16


Below are a series of basic tips on defending in FIFA .

1. Keep Calm

The most important for gamers new to the game is probably to stay calm and not to hastily run to the opposing player. 

2. Keep Your Defender on Position

It quickly gets caught up as a defender runs the midfielder on the attacking half. One can certainly do that if one gets a counterattack with a loss of the ball. Missing the central defender in the defense can end badly.

3. Perform Slide Tackle Only If Necessary

As mentioned above you can start pretty backwards when in defending by just running towards the opposing players and performing a sliding tackle in the hope of scoring the ball. In many cases, it does not happen. You should just use slide tackle if it’s really necessary. 

4.Pay Attention to the Persistence of the Defense

If you go too far with the defensive players and expose a hole in the defense, it’s not only dangerous but also affects the endurance of your defenders. When it then comes to a sprint duel, you have already as good as lost if no enough endurance is available. Therefore, don’t sprint too much, at least not when it is not absolutely necessary.