Get Full Game Experience From ESO: Morrowind Early Access

ZeniMax Online Studios has announced a digital upgrade version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. In this context, the early access date was also public.

The latest addition to the Elder Scrolls online on the PC and Mac will be the add-on as part of a digital upgrade version or as a physical copy collector’s edition. If you do, you can enter the game world of the Vulkaninsel a bit earlier. For existing players with such buying ambitions, there is an early access from 22 May 2017.


Regardless of the beta on the public test servers, early access players get the full game experience, can play on the active servers, and keep all progress when the game is officially released on June 6th. Early access is available to players who purchase the digital upgrade or upgrade to the Digital Collector’s Edition for PC / Mac at any time prior to the official release of the game. Players who own a physical copy of the Collector’s Edition are also entitled to participate in the Early Access.

In addition, the Prologue quest “The Missing Prophecy” is now available. You can now start it regardless of your chosen platform. This can be accepted in any Inn and send you to a mission where you can track down the bandits, defeat Daedra, and discover a terrible prophecy that leads directly to the events of the add-on.

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