Useful Advices Of The PoE Wander Barrage

In Path of Exile, if you have your first “serious” character, where you’ve spent some Ex on your gear (flasks/poe items included). And you are trying to figure out what steps to take next to keep progressing. Though you are doing T9-12’s pretty fast, but you feel like your Barrage still simply lacks. what could you do to increase your dps on barrage mainly?

Let’s start with flasks. Get a lightning damage to attacks vinktars (if too expensive, atziris promise or lightning penetration vinktars), damage to spells vinktar isn’t doing much for you. You can choose an alchemist’s quicksilver flask of adrenaline instead of the life flask, and rerolling the stibnite to bleed immune. You could also go stibnite of warding and roll the jade to staunching. Curse immune is really nice for temp chains maps and ele weakness.

Path of Exile

You should slight tweaking on your tree. You want the full alchemist wheel and to socket a “conqueror’s potency” jewel. This will get you over 50% increased flask effect and will give you another projectile on your Barrage and Kb when dying sun is active. You can also get a shaper belt with an “increased flask effect” roll. These are new and would allow you to skip the conquerors potency jewel on the tree.

The 10 dex node left of the jewel socket by heart seeker, and the one point on wandslinger. That should give you 5 points, you could spend that picking up the alchemist wheel and the jewel socket next to it. If this gives you enough intel, you can drop the 30 intel node down by beef. Then use that for point blank. You need point blank for Barrage. Cannot stress enough. You need that. Barrage is necessary. Take that node. You should be plenty safe if you have jade and are sitting in a stibnite cloud. You could look for better jewels. Try to get an all attributes roll on necklace if you need that stat. Phys damage to wands does nothing for you.

If the 20 intel isn’t enough you could find another point, maybe one of the nodes at the very top giving multi and crit chance. Put em back in once you level a time or two. You could try out lightning penetration support instead of critical strike damage, not sure what is best without PoB up. You could look for a +Barrage projectile rat’s best but t isn’t necessary at all.