Are You Ready to Go Full Throttle in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM?

NBA 2K21 revealed what Season 7 of its MyTeam mode, and it’s known as Full Throttle. Here’s everything we know about NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Season 7.

Full Throttle

Season 7: Full Throttle Release Date and End Date

Season 7 begins on May 7, 2021, at 9 a.m. — will bring an entirely new experience to MyTeam, a fantasy mode where gamers can earn specific cards of real-life basketball players and legends. Gamers can also spend real-life money on “packs” to earn players, or use NBA mt coins to get those players, too.

The new NBA 2K MyTeam season, which normally would last about five weeks, will last for four weeks this time around.

What’s new in Season 7?

You can read the full breakdown of Season 7 below.

1). Start the new season off with a Ruby Evo Derrick Rose as the Level 1 reward, alongside 150,000 XP on day one. Players can race to level 40 to earn a Dark Matter Vince Carter as the Season 7 level 40 reward;

2). Several Dark Matter reward cards across MyTEAM Modes, including the late-great Elgin Baylor, Larry Johnson, Sidney Moncrief, Bailey Howell, Larry Kenton, Jerry Lucas, Louie Dampier, and Bill Walton;

3). Starting Saturday, May 8, the Token Market will open to commemorate the newest inductees into the Basketball Hall of Fame with exclusive packs containing Hall of Fame badges and more;

4). To celebrate our Legend Edition Cover Athlete Kobe Bryant’s upcoming induction, all MyTEAM players will receive a Hall of Fame badge, every day for eight days (May 8-15) just for logging in;

5). Spotlight Sim is making its return with new rewards, including Lifetime Agendas to be complete for the Fire Basketball, available for the first time on Next Generation consoles and the brand-new Holographic Basketball;

6). A new base set, Current Series 3, to match the intensity in the NBA right now. This set includes MyTEAM’s first-ever Galaxy Opal base cards with Stephen Curry and Lebron James both rated as league-leading Galaxy Opals;

7). The new signature challenge from Tracy McGrady: replicate his amazing scoring flurry from 2004 against the San Antonio Spurs by scoring 13 points in 33 seconds;

8). There are more daily challenges, locker codes, agendas, season levels, and more to be announced from our Twitter (@NBA2K_MyTEAM) all season long.

Who is the Level 40 reward?

Toronto Raptors legend Vince Carter will be the ultimate reward for the season. But this time, MyTeam has added all 150,000 XP needed to win the reward on Day 1. Normally, the XP is dripped out throughout the season. This time, it’s all available from the first day so people can earn the reward they want.

What are packs dropping Friday?

It looks like MyTeam will kick off with a Current Series three-pack — which means all the current NBA players will get new cards. LeBron James and Stephen Curry will headline the pack.

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