New FFXIV continue the tour of Eorzea, demo group finder

New FFXIV videos continue the tour of Eorzea, highlight group finder

Back in February, Final Fantasy XIV fans were treated to a whole slew of great stuff, including a video tour — composed of both PC and PS3 footage — of A Realm Reborn’s refurbished land of Eorzea. Come May, a second part of this series showed off even more. But not even two videos could cover all there is to see, so today’s third installment continues the journey, allowing players to to travel through various areas in La Noscea, The Black Shroud, Thanalan, Coerthas, and Mor Dhona.

Square Enix also released its fourth developers’ commentary video. In it, Producer Naoki Yoshida and community team member Toshio Murouchi discuss and demonstrate the “Duty Finder,” a feature that helps players to find and form balanced dungeon groups even while on different worlds. Once formed, the group will be automatically transported into the instance and then back to each member’s original spot once completed.

Before you run off to watch fireworks (if that’s your thing), watch both the latest installment of the Eorzea tour and the devs’ group-finding demo after the cut.Here is more information click here FFXIV Gil.