FF XIV shows off PS3 UI

E3 2013 Final Fantasy XIV shows off PS3 UI

E3 is proving to be an exciting time for Final Fantasy XIV fans, especially considering that the title has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 next year. One of the new videos that’s coming out of the convention is a dev tour of the new UI developed for the PlayStation 3 version.

While the developers speak in their native tongue, the video is subtitled and shows off a range of UI activities from character customization to combat. Gaze upon it with your terribly perceptive eyes after the jump and make sure to read our preview of the rebooted title from the show floor!Click FFXIV Gil to see more content.

I’m always perplexed why Sony doesn’t just put the nail in the coffin for Microsoft and implement true mouse support. Along with a keyboard, one could run a game verbatim to a PC. Once the PS4 comes out it would almost be a no brainier to get a PS4 and have a low end desktop/laptop for business use (costing probably less than a high end gaming rig). As long as the game titles are there of course

Then again, maybe there is some back room agreement with hardware vendors not to do that, possibly hurting the gaming hardware market?