FFXIV Update 4.05 Is Now Available: Several New Features Will Be Added

Housing has become a contentious topic in the game, in Final Fantasy XIV, when producer Naoki Yoshida introduced housing to FFXIV in 2011, he emphasized fair land distribution. Now, players are questioning whether virtual housing is an equal right or a privilege meant for the rich and over-dedicated. The best ways is for Square Enix to build more build more housing and do so quickly. To learn more information about FFXIV, click for source.

Final Fantasy XIV

In short, if you design a game with painfully artificial scarcity, you’re engineering circumstances that’ll see your players at each other’s throats in no time. Social dynamics are not easy to control, and toxicity can be tough to hem in, but something this obvious is eminently predictable. If you make housing scarce, people are going to fight about it, and rarely in constructive ways.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy world where players fight monsters, complete quests and craft both magic and mundane items. The game, which has existed in various forms since 2010, introduced houses 2011. Producer Naoki Yoshida emphasised fair land distribution when the online property was made available.

Finally, It’s note to important that Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.05 is now available: Realm Reborn: With this patch, several new features will be added to the Square Enix MMO, including a new raid, equipment and objects, and the Genji set. For the occasion, the company decided to publish some images dedicated to the update. We remind you that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling for sale at FFXIV4GIL.