The FIFA 20 Clearing accurately to attackers feet/chest

This is a crucial skill to have for a few vital reasons. The ability to play this pass will:
o Relieve pressure on your defense;
o Enable you to counter-attack swiftly;
o Give you a great option on pro clubs when playing with 2 or 3 players;
o Miss out the importance of the midfield if you are outnumbered in that area;
o Miss out the better AI defending on FIFA 19 with the new Frostbite engine.
Use the diagram below to help

With the ball in any of the positions shown above you can hold down the lobbed pass button for 2 – 2 ½ bars of power to clip the ball 40 yards into your striker’s feet/chest/head. Any more power and you’ll be chasing the ball over the top and less power and your player will simply dink the ball up around 10-20 yards and your defense will be under pressure still. As soon as you have pressed the lobbed pass button you have a few options. You can try a first time lay-off, control the ball using L2/LT or L1/LB to ensure a good first touch or hold the sprint button R2/RT to dummy the ball.
U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers recommend using this method, rather than the driven pass because it cuts out the risk of your passes being intercepted by the opposition.