POE 3.9, The Best Blade Flurry Champion Build Guide


poe 3.9 champion blade flurry build

Welcome to my Blade Flurry Champion build in POE 3.9. This build is not to be original or the best or even this build to be super-efficient, but I’m fond fo these characters and I’d like to share them. So, in my heart, I think this build is the best. This build melee meta op. Reave is good for clear, doesn’t drop all the stacks at once and does more damage now. BF has always been one of the highest single target skills in the game and now it has been buffed and has more QoL. This is a pure Phys impale crit champion. Thanks to the buffs to pure phys is 3.9 we’re fully phys now. Impale is really good for a single target.

In Poe 3.9, very little changes, we can’t get the maim mod on chests from fossils anymore, but that’s a minor dps decrease. The -15 mana cost is still very worth it. on the plus side, look for potential Conqueror’s exalted orbs slams on your weapons and -15 chest. Check the weapon and chest sections for details and poedb for general mod info. Any awakened gems will obviously be an upgrade.


+ Busted single target.
+ Decent clearspeed.
+ Has a budget version
+ Not alot of mandatory equipment required
+ Fast clear all content
– Skill-swap needed after leveling
– Not SSF-friendly
– Gear dependent. Leveling feels awful.



1. Conqueror
2. Worthy Foe
3. Master of Metal
4. Inspirational


Help Alira.


Major God – Soul of the Brine King
Minor God – Soul of Ralakesh




BodyArmour: Blade Flurry – Concentrated Effect – Melee Physical Damage – Infused Channelling – Fortify – Impale
Helm: Leap Slam – Blood Magic – Dread Banner – Faster Attacks
Gloves: Blood and Sand – Maim – Flesh and Stone – Pride
Weapon: Molten Shell – Cast when Damage Taken – Enfeeble
Offhand: Enduring Cry – Ancestral Protector – Blood Rage


POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/h52enFGJ
SKILL TREE: https://tinyurl.com/rbb9q8q