Live is the TERA Store!

Many of you — our earliest-adopter fans — experienced problems with our online store in the last 24 hours, for which we are sorry. If you read our you will have learned that a mission-critical ecommerce system failed and the backup system didn’t come online — not exactly the most shining moment for our young company. This problem not only knocked out our store, but those of several other major game companies too, since we all utilize the same e-commerce provider for our online storefronts. Bad news!

The good news is that these systems are now back online after the provider’s largest response effort in six years, and in the event you’d like to take the plunge, it is possible to use the online store to get TERA just in time for this weekend’s second closed beta test event.

If you purchased TERA during the (awful, terrible, apocalyptic) last 24 hours, your account has not yet been updated to reflect your recent purchase. Again, we’re really sorry about that. In order to ensure that you can get into the second closed beta test, we’ve emailed a trial game code to each of you that you can manually apply to your En Masse account so you’ll have access this weekend. And in the near future we’ll update your account with a full game code so that you can play in other TERA events.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our ; we’re here to help you. If you want a refund, no problem. If you accidentally purchased an extra copy or thirteen, we will fix the problem to your satisfaction. Just let us know what you’d like us to do.

And finally, our sincere apologies. We’re committed to providing a great online gaming experience for you and your friends. One of the most important parts of an online game experience is the quality of service you should expect from the game’s publisher. We will strive to earn your trust, and we hope that our responses today to this unexpected problem demonstrate our commitment to that goal.