South Korea online developers the TERA “core research and development team PiaoRongXian people officially declared to resign.

The widespread view that his resignation for two reasons: one is because the TERA “in the operation situation more gloomy gave, it is reported the TERA” in open commercial operation earlier this year, but the game operation, less than six months down too fast and popularity have much spirits, bristle constantly, let PiaoRongXian deeply pressure large; 2 because PiaoRongXian originally South Korea game development operators of research and development director NCsoft, led the heaven 3 “the project team, and he resigned from NCsoft and participate in the Bluehole created after the company, to his old club has been charged he leak commercial secret, long legal disputes the other he felt tired. Another although has resigned, but PiaoRongXian is still the one of the biggest Bluehole company.

In July announced the Japanese game looking forward to list, “TERA” force pressure “C9”, “the monster hunter” and “the magic of the star OL2,” and so on all platforms of online game ranked, this is very not easy, but the TERA “project team in the following a period of time to reorganize and looking for new must project champion, this may make online Japanese work by certain effect. Before that, the Japanese “TERA published in charge of the detailed rules for the game, the game use fees on card, activate the need to 7000 yen (583 RMB), monthly month 2700 yen (225 RMB), the charge standard than the current almost all the MMORPG, look to TERA NHN Games in Japanese operation with confidence.

But “TERA” South Korea NHN vendor had wanted the company of online can in mainland China to find a good buyers, but because the product in South Korea local market poor performance, the project team personnel unrest, plus a few years to South Korea would have no several years ago swims the scenery and imposing manner, so the agency prices will surely sell at a discount greatly, coupled with the second half of the sword spirit “” C9″ the impact of the online equivalent type South Korea, “TERA” in the Chinese market prospect is worrying.