The TERA “open new monster material hyenas wear armor and weapon

The TERA “official blog has released new monster hyenas introduction material. The Wolf is a way to many places can see the wild animals, but in some places, will give hyenas wear armor and weapons, it will be trained to be a can of fighting the war dogs to battle.
Hyenas material overview

Monster name: Hyena (Hyena)

Survival area: two continent can find a trace of the hyenas, but its first appeared in Alan land.

Attack skills: bite attacks, multiple last bite attacks, choking attack.

Defense skill: fast back to jump, wandering around in circles from attack, ran out of melee range or jump out.

Weakness and inferiority: cast multiple last bite attack skill will be out physical strength, run out or jump out the current the enemy’s attack range, probably into another soldier’s attack range.


The appearance and the dog similar four feet animal in the TERA “world of the many places can see, but most, the most frequent haunts the number of mainland area is in Allen (Arun). Wild coyote in desert and grassland area often wander, but they have a half of domestic products-war dogs (Wardogs). This type of hyenas is not common, like the Titan valley of GuChuan hyenas (Gutrend), and stationed in Foley HuoDeSi (Freeholds) Valkyon federal domesticated with armor wore pointed horn battle hyenas, the two belong to fight the dog breeds.

In the wild, hyenas like to travel in groups, who broke away from the big group of hunting hunting of wild animals, and those forgotten livestock. In some of the natural enemies of area, the number of hyenas pool extremely rapidly, the locals have to often will hyenas listed as a reward for prey, in order to reduce their livestock to hunt.