how can you improve Conquest

Clear matches – I’ve talked a lot about excitement in the text above. If you play conquest, viewers and players are reduced to the amount of points that they make so the actual game -> kills, play style and skill are only means for the purpose of getting capturing. What basically means that it reduces the personal skill and improves the competitive aspects? Micromanagement and positioning gets way more important than individual skill. In my opinion this is obviously good since PvP has to be competitive to be good. But the question is actually; Is it the correct balance between personal and team – skill? I doubt that, I really feel like things are pretty much going in the direction of team based game (as I’ve already said, this would be somewhat comparable to Battlefield)

But let’s be honest, there is no way ever that BF is going to be a solid Sport? So why go in that direction? Especially combined with a 5vs5 system I just don’t think this is the way to go. Individual players don’t get known anymore; just imagine Wow with a 5vs5 conquest mode and without the arenas -> it would be a joke PvP wise and not any close to as successful as it has gotten via arena. So how can you improve Conquest (if not focus on other modes). First off, find a better balance between individual-, and team skill. This can be reached via giving kills more influence on the points. Just some examples there are definitely more options.

    So what is the general idea of TDM and why could it be more important than Conquest. You get the point? Make the game interesting to the people and then people will start making the game interesting to others and so on. All this can turn out to be so viral and so simple.