Tera Game Update PlanetSide 2

Game Update 11 deployed for PlanetSide 2 today to bring a huge number of changes for many of the weapons in the war for Auraxis. Several tanks and MAX unit costs have been adjusted along with a number of stat tweaks to weapons, vehicles, and aircraft. In addition to unit and weapon tweaks, SOE also made some changes to the continental domination thresholds.

Domination requirement for securing continent benefits has been lowered from 100% to 75% of the territory on the continent.
The point where a domination benefit will be lost increased from 0% to 15% of owned territory.
These changes do not affect alerts.
The Map Statistic for Territory Control now has a visual representation of the thresholds where benefits will be gained and lost.
Our goal is to make continent domination and denial during prime time a tough but reasonably achievable goal and to reduce the situations where entire empires would hold out in a single facility.

Other changes include improvements to infantry mobility, UI improvements, additional tutorial elements, and more. Check out the GU11 patch notes for all the latest changes.

Earlier this month SOE confirmed that PlanetSide 2 will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 console launching later this year.