TERA Take Part in Powerleveling Event

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you’re going to be taking part in the “No Sleep ’til 60” event, this should help you make your decision!

The big concern with a lot of players regarding this is in reference to how the rewards are going to be handled. Are they going to be bound to the account that earned them or will they be tradeable? Well, there’s some good news about this. They are tradeable! This means you can either trade them over to your main account, use them on your alternate, or even sell them if you wish.

What if I’m not a founder? Now this is where the benefit really comes in. For non-founders, the free character slot all by itself adds some value, not to mention the mount and other items.

What if I’m Elite? This is a hard one to answer. I really think Elite players are getting the short end of the stick here. You have to choose between having Elite on your main or on this alt (which is only temporary), or having it on both at the same time, meaning double the cost.

What if I already have a level 60? This is a very valid question. Some have argued that you can just farm the gold and purchase the items from others instead of doing the event or paying cash. This is somewhat hit-and-miss. It all revolves around supply and demand, and while it may be possible, there’s also a chance that it won’t be as easy as some think. I’ll throw out my opinion and that’s that the items should be somewhat available since not everyone who does the event will be using theirs (which increases the supply).
Who benefits the most? It’s the F2P players that benefit the most from this event. A lot of people are going to have reserves about creating a new account with a character they will never play just so they can take part in the event. This leads me on to the next part.

Concluding thoughts? I like the idea behind the event: to get players to make new characters. It increases the population in areas that are not designated for end-game, allowing new people to have others to play with. On the other hand, its value is really going to be subjective. Some will find the event to be worth doing, and others are going to find that the hassle of having/juggling two accounts isn’t worth it. In case someone at EME reads this, I highly suggest that next time (or this time) you allow players to create new characters on existing accounts.

It shouldn’t require a new account. I really don’t understand the concept behind this. Were people able to create new characters on their existing accounts, I think a lot more would take part in the event. This would be a legitimate reason to level up the alts many of us have, as well as to try out new classes. And if this were allowed, it’d benefit those with Founder/Elite status as well.

Now on to you. I’d love to hear your opinions on this event. Are you going to be taking part in it? Why or why not?