Tera Character Creation

Click on the name to set the end of the input buttons to enter the name, click the button to end the custom character creation, you can select the role again press the start button to enter the game TERA beautiful world.
Server selection
Visit the official website and click “GAME START” button, the first is to see the server selection screen; you can see the server selection screen where you can PVP, server status and roles can create. In addition, if you already have to create a TERA role, then, it will show the number displayed next to the server name. Choose a good connection to the server after server start by creating roles.
TERA logo 2
Race selection
Race is divided into seven kinds, no choice restrictions, but can not choose gender Baraka.

Race Introduction
TERA’s occupational characteristics roughly divided into three kinds. Guardian tank series from the team, let the monster hurt by the strong vitality of thugs family therapy to cure series. Role-ordered a variety of game styles, make sure to choose their own occupational characteristics career.

Custom Role
There are basically ready to default style, but also a direct role in trying to make a good way. A variety of roles such as appearance and hairstyle can set production.

Character creation
If the selected server has a role, select the role you can enter the game or create a new TERA role. You can also press previous back to the server selection screen, character creation, character deletion, the game starts, or change the game settings. Click to select the racial character creation began creating characters. Create up to eight characters.