Tera Skills for Play Amanis

• Aman Last Stand: The Amani strengthens against Knockdowns and Knockouts. Also with a range of 1 hour to be reused.

• Prospector: The Amanis are the Masters of Metallurgy. They are able to mine faster than the other races.

• No Stranger to Pain: When your vitality is low, you will receive an extra resistance to incoming damage. This skill is passive, ie, continuous.

• Blood of Dragons: All Amanis has higher resistance against the effects of attacks such as “damage-over-time” that cause damage with time as a variable.

• Kaiator’s Drums: In the appropriate level, the tele Amanis can behave to his hometown: Kaiator. 1 Hour halftone the ability to reuse.
TERA Image
Show that your Tera skills are a race quite sturdy and should be used for those who want to last longer on the battlefield and make use less healing potions or not be so dependent on a healer on your team.

Amanis: Suggested Names
Now follows some examples of name for the characters Amanis, following the mythology imposed by the game, however, is not required to stick to these names characteristic, leaving you free to choose any name you want.

Amanis: Customization
In Time of customizing your character, we will have several models of horns in both sexes, and hair in dreadlocks style, for women. This breed can be equipped with metal objects positioned on your face or head following a very interesting design, which leaves visual Amanis even more wild and daring. Another interesting feature are the variations of skin tone Amanis male, which can range from the traditional pastel colors to blue or red, leaving them even more full of style.