Tera fied community outreach

There has also been a lot of stuff going on in the real world as of recently. Some parts of Oklahoma have been decimated, as you more than likely already know. One of the cities that is often talked about, since it’s pretty much all gone, is Moore. This is both where I am from and where family is from, so the tornado situation has taken a bit of a toll. It’s crazy how little is left in a lot of areas there now…


On top of all of this, we had storms that weren’t too bad, but there was a little lightning… or, well, a ton of lightning. And wouldn’t you know it, my ISP’s tower took a direct strike and it fried everything! I use a WISP (Wireless ISP) so we have an antannae on our house that connects to the tower; because of the strike, we spent some time without Internet.

As you can see, things have been pretty hectic lately. There are other things that happened as well, but I want to keep this short, :p. In light of everything that has happened, over the next day or two I will be evaluating exactly which direction to take TERA fied, as well as do a lot of much-needed cleaning of the web host and such.