Tera Mystic Skills

Mystic skills focus on supporting their allies and controlling the flow of battle. Though able to contribute to overall damage, mystics really shine when enhancing their allies with auras or snaring and stunning their foes. They have a superb area-of-effect attack that damages their foes while also replenishing the mana of party members. With a simple gesture, mystics can remove enhancements from their foes and debilitating effects from their allies.


Mystics can teleport away from danger, or summon their allies together for a quick regroup. Their resurrection skills make them popular comrades on the field of battle. When all else fails, mystics call on their magical allies to aid them—a guardian to draw a foe’s attention, an avenger to inflict pain and suffering, or a healer to keep the mystic healthy.

Mystics operate in many different niches. They fight at close quarters, healing and boosting their allies, draining and destroying their enemies. They channel powerful auras to enhance whole groups. They summon allies to draw aggro, to fight, or to heal, or summon entire parties from one location to another. Add extensive crowd control and the capability to resurrect fallen allies, and you can see why the mystic is a critical factor in any successful party.